Saturday, February 26, 2011

127 Hours

Just watched it. First of all, I'll admit to having a man crush on James Franco. Everything he does I love (spider-man 3 is exempt from this). But really I had 2nd thoughts about a movie where most of it was a guy standing by a rock. I was wrong.

Something you might have gleamed from previous entry's on here is that I'm not an overly emotional fellow. In fact some time ago I pretty much decided to just shut them off. Of course I still experience some feelings ya, but for the most part I've become a bitter cynic when it comes to all things in the world and nothing really gets to me.

After watching this movie I cried man tears. I believe there were 3 total, but I haven't cried since middle school when I was going through my emo phase, so that's around 10 years of holding back on emotional outbursts. But this movie, the end it just hits you with that jolt of happiness that everything worked out, it was an experience I've never felt before.

Anyways just watch the movie.

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  1. Hmm, I might check it out based on your post. Thanks for sharing! Will follow :)